Castle Peak Music

Music placement, licensing and supervision. Andrea licenses Amy's music.

Phone Home Management

Music management and Seattle pals. These guys are Amy's managers.

Brian Whelan

What can't he do? Singer and songwriter, Brian plays anything will keys and strings.

Produced, sang and played on O P A L I N E.

Joshua Grange

Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. Josh produced, and played guitar and pedal steel on Desert Varnish.


Ixchel Lara

Dreamy photographer. Ixchel took the photos for Desert Varnish.

Luckyhorse Industries

Dear friends, Seattle pals. LI carries Amy's earlier recordings and other goods from artists in the NW.

Kate Steffens

Design - clothing, pillows, websites... you name it.

Annie Costello Brown

Jewelry design. I work for Annie. She's the best.

Station House Studio/Mark Rains

Echo Park recording studio. O P A L I N E was recorded here.